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DONATE•RECRUIT•INVEST in teens today: America's future workforce.

We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit.

--Robert H. Shaffer

With your support we can continue to teach teens (19-14) how to find, earn a job and be outstanding workers!  So, if you have ever given any thought to recruiting and/or investing in the workforce of tomorrow, now is the perfect time. qualifies to receive your donations.  You can recruit and/or invest in motivated teen job seekers with a tax deductible contribution.  Donations can be made to us here: 


Contributions can be applied to a prominent presence on the site, including a company profile, link to your career center, featured job postings, career fairs, and other relevant content or event sponsorships. 

Our mission is to remain the #1 site for U.S. employers to find and hire self-motivated teenagers and through physical and digital workshops we prepare our teen members for the workplace with job readiness training that incorporates the soft-skills most in demand by today’s employers.

Job hunting for teens is haphazard at best.  We catch young people at the moment "they" feel they are ready to work.  It is at this time that young people make critical choices that affect their transition into adulthood and shape their perceptions about work, money, and life.  Let’s start them out with a strong work ethic.

We were the first online national service (2002) dedicated to teens actively seeking work.  Over time, has had millions of visitors; teens, parents, teachers, counselors, organizations and businesses.  We have connected hundreds of thousands of employers and teens.  Now approaching our 20th anniversary sadly many of the early visionary employers have disappeared as the nature of work has evolved.

What has remained consistent is the desire of 80% of teenagers today to have a paying job.  Unfortunately, U.S. teen participation in the labor force is at an all-time low and studies show that people who spend a large share of their young adult years unemployed have a hard time finding and keeping a job later in life.


Our poll shows that 70% of visitors to 25 or younger have never held a paying job.  In addition, our teen members say their income is a necessity rather than a luxury.  They know that work-based learning early in life will help prepare them for their future.

Are you in an industry in need of new workers?  Here’s an opportunity to get visibility and build a favorable disposition for your company;

DONATE•RECRUIT•INVEST in teens today, your company’s future workforce.

Contributions can be applied to:

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*Prominent presence on the site, company profile, link to your career center, featured job postings, and career fair participation.

Our fiscal sponsor Pledges, Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN# 36-4963438).  Donations can be made to us here: 

IMPORTANT: Please include "Teens4Hire" in the memo line to ensure proper deposit to our account.  You will receive a code to enter online after your donation.


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