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RECRUIT and INVEST in America's Teen Workforce

If you have ever given any thought to recruiting, hiring and/or investing in America’s young workforce, we are an ideal national public service.


 We prepare teens for the workplace so companies want to hire, promote, and retain them.


Online since 2002, has worked to bridge gaps between young workers and companies facing talent shortages.




With your support we can continue.


We are dedicated to our adult and minor American teens seeking work. And, we are committed to supplying American entities with a pipeline of “ready to work” young candidates.


We envision a world where American companies, particularly those facing a skills shortage and/or a growing need for new workers, join with us to influence young people today, knowing they are their future workforce.

The Challenge

We know that companies traditionally do not market openings or career paths to teens.  Let’s change that! 


U.S. teen participation in the labor force is at an all-time low and hit its lowest point since 2002 in 2020.  Many jobs that traditionally employed teens have been phased out due to automation, skills changes, ecommerce, and/or a shift to an ondemand workforce. 



Studies show that people who spend a large share of their young adult years unemployed have a hard time finding and keeping a job later in life.

What has remained consistent is 80% of teenagers today want a paying job, a way to earn money, or a work-based learning experience. 

Our members say their income is a necessity.


Over time, has had millions of visitors; teens, parents, teachers, counselors, organizations and businesses. 

We have connected hundreds of thousands of employers and teens. 

Developing responsibility, good work skills, self-confidence, and the value of money are some of the rewards that come from employment of this age group. 

So now is the time.