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DONATE•RECRUIT•INVEST in, America's Future Workforce

We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit.

--Robert H. Shaffer

·       There is a shortage of skilled workers for American companies.

·       Key industries cannot find enough new workers to fill their available openings.

·       A survey from Ferris State University found, "A majority of high school students receive little or no career guidance, and the courses of study they choose have little correlation to available jobs." exists to address these needs and more.

If you have ever given any thought to recruiting, hiring and/or investing in the workforce of tomorrow, we are an ideal national and/or local public service.


DONATE•RECRUIT•INVEST in America's future workforce.



With your support we can continue our Mission:

Online since 2002,’s mission is to remain the #1 U.S. Career Center for companies seeking to reach, hire, and/or favorably influence self-motivated young people in the high school and junior college age group (19-14) seeking jobs, ways to earn money and/or work-based learning experiences.

American companies tell us they do not have the resources to “prepare” this group for the workplace.  Hence, we prepare our job seeker members for the workplace with readiness training that incorporates the soft-skills most in demand by today’s companies.  We are committed to provide American companies with a pool of eager “ready to work” candidates.

We catch young people from all walks of life at the moment "they" feel they are ready to work.  It is at this time that young people make critical choices that affect their transition into adulthood and shape their perceptions about work, money, and life.

We teach our job seeker members how to conduct career self-assessments, write a resume, find suitable openings, apply, interview, anticipate customary workplace expectations, and ultimately be outstanding workers once hired!  And, for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we guide them along the way of their pursuits.

We showcase suitable openings, educational resources, and instill in our members the importance of a strong work ethic.


We envision a world where American companies, particularly those facing a skills shortage and/or a growing need for new workers, join with us to influence young people today, knowing they are their future workforce.

 We see ourselves as the organizational equivalent of AARP; aka Association of America’s Future Workforce.

DONATE•RECRUIT•INVEST in America's future workforce.


As of May 2021, is now a project of Pledges, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization EIN# 36-4963438 and qualifies to receive your tax deductible contributions.   IMPORTANT: Please include "Teens4Hire" as the designee to ensure proper deposit to our account and let us know when you do so we can thank you!

Contributions allow us to continue our work to provide insight on employment needs and requirements so young people can aspire, be proactive, and do what is necessary to meet them.  This ensures a future pipeline of skilled qualified candidates.


Over time, has had millions of visitors; teens, parents, teachers, counselors, organizations and businesses.  We have connected hundreds of thousands of employers and teens. 

"Being in retail, we have a high turnover rate. Keeping a presence on your site gives us exposure to a steady source of new candidates. Our managers just love having potential candidates sent from just show up looking for work. You also do a great job in preparing them for the interview. Great work."

Now approaching our 20th anniversary the nature of work has evolved.  Many jobs that traditionally employed teens have been phased out due to automation, skills changes, ecommerce, and/or a shift to an ondemand workforce. 

The teen employment rite of passage that existed in years past has fallen by the waste side.  Today the average young adult under the age of 25 has NEVER held a paying job.  What this portends for the American economy is unknown.

U.S. teen participation in the labor force is at an all-time low and hit its lowest point since 2002 in 2020.

Studies show that people who spend a large share of their young adult years unemployed have a hard time finding and keeping a job later in life.

What has remained consistent is the desire of 80% of teenagers today to have a paying job and/or a work-based learning experience.  In addition, our members say their income is a necessity rather than a luxury.  They know that work-based learning early in life will help prepare them for skilled careers and a satisfying future.

We know that companies traditionally do not market openings or career paths to teens.  We also know that teens can be influenced;

·       Tobacco use is established in the teenage years, with the most rapid increase occurring at the age of 14–15 years.

·       About 10 million people, ages 12 to 20, consumed alcohol in the past 30 days.

·       Half of all teenagers have sexual intercourse before high school graduation.

We are proof positive that you can also make a favorable employer impression with today’s teens.


·       We maintain a validated nationwide candidate membership database with profiles and resumes.

·       We host Featured Companies and Featured Jobs.

·       We provide vital information about 12 industries in need of new workers. It’s an opportunity for brand conscious employers to get visibility and build a favorable disposition for their openings and careers;

Health Services, Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Law Enforcement & Security,  Vocational Trades, Green & Clean Technology, Government, Biological Science & Technology, Utilities & Infrastructure, Information & Computer Technology, Fast Food & Casual Dining Restaurants, Hospitality & Tourism.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey data, a majority of employers indicate that paid work experience and workplace mentoring are the most effective means of addressing the skills gap issues within their industries.

We too believe companies should plant a seed early, grow your own, and plan ahead.

·       We link from our RESOURCES section to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Youth and Labor site, their Youth Career OneStop program, and provide direction on how to find local governmental youth programs.

·       We host content for parents and career counselors.

·       We host workplace readiness training sessions and virtual career fairs.

Contributions allow us to continue to; (1) influence young people to develop skills and pursue available and future openings, (2) supply “ready to work” candidates to meet company needs today; and (3) positively impact the teen labor force participation rate.

We have a critical need for technological site updates, expansion of capacity, and to provide workplace readiness training to more than 50,000 registered job seeker members. 

Developing responsibility, good work skills, self-confidence, and the value of money are some of the many rewards that can come from employment of this age group.  So now is the time.

DONATE•RECRUIT•INVEST in America's future workforce.



Any amount is deeply appreciated.

We’d be thrilled to answer any questions you might have about the organization and its services: 800-906-7107