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Our Mission's mission is to remain the #1 "go to" recruitment site for companies seeking to reach, hire, and positively influence self-motivated U.S. teenagers (19-14) seeking jobs, ways to earn money and/or work-based experience.  We catch young people at the moment "they" feel they are ready to work. 

It is at this time that young people make critical choices that affect their transition into adulthood and shape their perceptions about work, money, and life.    

We teach our job seeker members how to conduct career self-assessments, earn a job (soft skills), write a resume, find suitable openings, apply, interview, and ultimately be outstanding workers once hired!  And, for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we guide them along the way of their pursuits.

We showcase suitable openings, educational resources, instruction, job readiness training and strive to instill in our members the importance of a strong work ethic.

Companies lament that they do not have the resources to “prepare” teens for the workplace.  Hence, we are committed to provide “ready to work” young candidates.

Our Vision

We envision a world where American companies, particularly those with a growing need for new workers, join with us through creative corporate sponsorships to influence teens today, knowing they are their future workforce.

We strive to be the organizational equivalent of AARP for teens; aka American Association of the Future Workforce.

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501c3 Status now qualifies to receive tax deductible contributions.  Our fiscal sponsor is Pledges, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN# 36-4963438). 

You can make a donation here:  IMPORTANT: Please include "Teens4Hire" as the designee to ensure proper deposit to our account.  Let us know when you have made your donation so we can thank you!

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Get Ready for the Workplace with “Bring Your AGame to Work"-- an online job readiness and certification program in partnership with The Center for Work Ethic Development. Certification improves your “employability” and success in the workplace so you can land your dream job today!  Info for teens


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 Not sure what you want to do or what kind of job to pursue? Take a look at the Association for Career and Technical Education’s (ACTE) career clusters and take a Career Clusters Interest Survey. This may help give you focus and direction in your job hunting. 

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