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Take the A Game Pledge


I know that my ATTENDANCE at work is extremely important to my managers, coworkers, and customers, as all are counting on me to be at my job and ready to work when I am scheduled. I pledge to arrive at work ahead of my scheduled time so that I am fully ready and prepared to do my job the minute my shift begins.

I know that my personal APPEARANCE in the workplace reflects the image of the company I work for. When I choose to accept a job, I am also choosing to accept their image. I pledge that I will abide by the required dress code/uniform standards set forth by my employers and promise to meet or exceed all the rules for appearance and personal hygiene.

I understand that work is not always easy and fun and that many of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities I will be given at work will be challenging and difficult. However, because I am a team player and want to keep the company I work for growing and profitable, I pledge to keep a positive ATTITUDE and perform at my best while on my job, regardless of the nature of work I am assigned.

I know that there will be slow times and occasions when it appears there is nothing to do but hang out or sit around and talk with friends and coworkers. However, I also know that to continue to stay in business and grow, every employee must improve in some way every day.
Therefore, I pledge to demonstrate AMBITION and learn all I can about my job and the company I work for, and to always be looking for ways to be more valuable to my employer.

Whether or not I like my boss or agree with company rules, I know that by accepting a paycheck, I am pledging my unconditional ACCEPTANCE of the company rules and also the authority of my managers and supervisors.

I know the difference between right and wrong and want to be known as an honest person who can be trusted in all situations to do the right thing, whether or not anyone else is watching. I pledge myself to be 100% ACCOUNTABLE to my job, to my employer, to my coworkers, to my customers and, most importantly, to myself.

I know that customers are not always nice and they can occasionally be rude and demanding. However, I also realize that customers are the most important part of our business and, without them I would not have a job. Therefore, I pledge to provide the ultimate in service to every single customer and go out of my way to make each feel welcome and sincerely APPRECIATED.

I know that the work I do in the future can be meaningful and fun, and also provide me with great rewards. I hereby pledge to ‘Bring My A Game to Work’ in every job I have from this day forward, and continue to hold myself up to the highest standards of The A Game’s 7 Fundamental Values. In so doing, I will WIN AT WORK, and also WIN AT LIFE.