Search Jobs named to CareerXroads Top 500 List & Author Provides Humorous Top 10 Reasons Why an Employer Should NOT Hire Teens

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Huntington Beach, CA, March 2, 2003 – CareerXroads – The World’s Leading Reference Guide to Job and Resume Sites on the Web – has named to its Eighth Annual Top 500 list.

“ is ecstatic to have made the Top 500 list in our 1st year of service! The authors critiqued closely and found our concept, performance, and integrity to be among the best. We offer a great service for employers who want to woo, nurture, and hire ambitious young adult talent,” says Renee Ward, founder/executive director of

Authors Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler note, “This list gives solid guidance to job seekers and employers on where to get the best leads.” Employers are encouraged to advertise any jobs that teens could fill on Gerry Crispin adds this humorous David Letterman-like advice:

The Top 10 reasons why an employer should NOT hire young people for part-time & summer jobs, internships, co-ops or career exploration events.

10. You just don't like teens. You've got enough of them at home already.
9. You downsized recently and people are doing two jobs so there is no time to oversee teens who might be helpful to these highly stressed employees.
8. Far from being the Employer of Choice you claim to be, your workers wouldn't have chosen your company if they had the choice so why turn another generation off.
7. You don't understand the concept of "investment". Long term is this afternoon.
6. You don't understand the concept of "Return on Investment". The idea that these young people will make a meaningful and measurable difference in your bottom line hasn't occurred to you nor do you have the skills to measure it.
5. Corporate values such as "adding value to the community in which we live and work" aren't part of the business you run.
4. None of your managers and supervisors has the training to do what their job title suggests they can.
3. There are only big jobs in your company. No small tasks that require doing.
2. It’s an insurance thing. They might get hurt in your environment. The corridors are filled with unsafe conditions like electrical outlets that don't have safety caps and book cases with books that might fall out.

And, the #1 reason NOT to hire and nurture young people exploring career choices is:
1. You would rather have tomorrow’s scarce talent apply to your competitor.

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