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We encourage young adults that have an interest in a career in health services to get acquainted with the exciting opportunities at our world-renown facilities in Jacksonville, FL. Prepare yourself now for a rewarding career tomorrow.


To build a truly extraordinary career, you must surround yourself with the finest minds, the most advanced technologies and the support of a team determined to shape the future of health care.

At Mayo Clinic/St. Luke’s, health care means more than the delivery of medicine. It means a patient-focused philosophy built on excellence and innovation; a tradition that reaches back over a century of extraordinary care; and careers defined by challenge and professional fulfillment.

We offer two distinct settings in Jacksonville, FL.

Mayo ClinicMayo Clinic is a multispecialty outpatient clinic providing medical and surgical care for adults. Opened in Jacksonville, FL in 1986, it is our first extension beyond Rochester, MN. Today we employ nearly 300 physicians and about 2,000 allied health professionals. Working together in collaborative specialist teams, we provide medical diagnosis, treatment and surgery services. In addition, our patient care activities are supported by extensive medical education and research programs.

St. Luke's HospitalSt. Luke’s Hospital is a 289-bed, not-for-profit, non-denominational hospital providing services for most medical and surgical specialties. As the first private hospital in Florida, St. Luke’s Hospital has served the Jacksonville area for more than 125 years. We became a Mayo Clinic hospital in 1987. We have 19 surgical suites, a 24-hour Emergency Department, a 10-bed Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and a 17-bed Family Birth Place. With more than 2,000 employees, St. Luke’s is connected by both philosophy and videoconferencing networks to Mayo Clinic sites in Jacksonville, FL, Scottsdale, AZ and Rochester, MN.

Together, these two facilities have combined to set a strong new standard in North Florida health care. Mayo Clinic/St. Luke’s is now a multi-organ transplant center providing bone marrow, liver, kidney, pancreas, heart and lung transplants.

At Mayo, we understand that your future begins with your career. With that in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive benefits program to ensure that you and your family have the support and resources you need to enjoy a full life. From extensive medical and dental coverage to life insurance, long-term disability, pension plans, TUITION REIMBURSEMENT, employee assistance plans, optional tax-deferred savings plans and more.

Mayo Clinic/St. Luke’s Hospital are ready to help you build a strong, secure and satisfying life beyond work.

Medical education at the Jacksonville campus has grown rapidly and today includes medical student clerkships, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville-based residency and fellowship programs, continuing education courses, allied health training opportunities and much more.

Undergraduate Medical Education
Mayo Medical School offers MD degree training and, in cooperation with Mayo Graduate School, a seven-year MD-Ph.D. program. Mayo Foundation provides grants for these programs to Arizona and Florida residents.

Allied health professionals are vital to the delivery of quality medical care. Physicians depend on them for help in diagnosing diseases, treating and rehabilitating patients, and providing other essential medical and surgical services that affect the life and well-being of patients.

To meet the increasing demand for these highly trained professionals, Mayo School of Health Sciences (MSHS) offers several distinctive professional programs at their Jacksonville campus.

Associate Degree Program in Radiography
Graduate & Postgraduate Programs in Dietetics

Mayo Clinic/St. Luke’s Hospital Volunteer Services
Our patients come first. Regardless of where they are during the course of their visit, our primary concern is for their well being, comfort and security. Acknowledging this important facet of patient care a Volunteer Services Program was established to assist patients and staff members in many areas throughout the Clinic and Hospital. This "personal touch" not only helps make patients and family members more comfortable, but provides a service to Clinic staff. Additionally, it is a source of pride, enjoyment, challenge and good feelings for the volunteer.

Who Volunteers?
Collectively and individually, the Mayo volunteers are people broadly representative of all segments of our community. They reach out with their talent, skill, interest and compassion to assist others in a variety of ways. Teens 14-17 are also encouraged to apply.

Why are Volunteers Important to Mayo Clinic/St. Luke’s?
To ensure that maximum attention is given to the patient by the medical and support personnel, Mayo volunteers work to assist staff in patient preparation, directional information, clerical assistance and many other important facets of the day-to-day operations of the Clinic.

What Can You do?

  • Greet and assist patients and their families at the Information Desks.
  • Escort patients to various locations within the Clinic.
  • Provide assistance to patients preparing for and recovering from outpatient surgical procedures.
  • Provide assistance and support for patients preparing for a variety of examinations.
  • Visit with patients and their families as they await treatment.
  • Use clinical and computer skills as an office assistant.
  • Present an overview film and slide presentation about the Mayo System of health care and patient services.
  • Assist with seminars and other special events that take place at the Clinic.
  • Operate the Gift Shop.
  • Operate the Shuttle Service.

What's Special About The Mayo Clinic/St. Luke’s Volunteer Program?
Our people! They make it all possible by generously donating their time to help others. Kindness, thoughtful assistance, and a comforting touch are fundamental in helping to provide the best possible care for each and every patient.

How can YOU get Involved?
All potential Mayo volunteers must set up an appointment for an informal interview. You will be given an application to complete and will be informed of the current volunteer opportunities available. Simply fill out the form and mail it in or drop it off at the information desk in our main lobby. A representative from the volunteer department will then contact you to set up an appointment time, or you may call

Volunteer Services is always looking to increase our involvement in new areas. If you have an idea how we can be more helpful, please let us know.

Thank you for visiting.

Click here to view our current job openings.
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