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UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Children's Hospital are recognized throughout the world as leaders in health care, known for innovative medicine, advanced technology and compassionate care. For almost a century, we have offered unparalleled medical treatment. Today, our expertise covers virtually all conditions, including cancer, heart disease, infertility, neurological disorders, organ transplantation and orthopedics as well as special services for women and children.

As an academic medical center, we are unlike community hospitals in that we offer pioneering treatments not widely available elsewhere. For example, we have the only nationally designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Northern California. The center is dedicated to finding new and better treatments for cancer patients. We also have Northern California's only nationally designated Center of Excellence in Women's Health, which offers specialized care and health education for women.

Another area of distinction is our health service for children. Our UCSF Children's Hospital is a "hospital within a hospital" with more than 150 pediatric specialists practicing in more than 50 areas of medicine. We have programs designed specifically for young patients, including a 50-bed neonatal intensive care nursery, recreational therapy for recovering kids and 60 outreach clinics throughout Northern California.

Our physicians were the first in the world to successfully perform surgery on a baby still in the womb. They also developed life-saving treatments for premature infants whose lungs aren't fully developed.
In the area of neurology and neurosurgery, we are among the top five hospitals in the nation. We have the largest brain tumor treatment program in the nation, as well as the only comprehensive memory disorders center and the only comprehensive epilepsy center in Northern California.

We also have one of one of the nation's largest centers for kidney and liver transplants. Our AIDS program is the most comprehensive in the nation and our surgical eye care program is the largest in Northern California. In the area of orthopedics, we are internationally recognized for treating the spine, including deformities, degenerative disc disease, tumors and fractures.

In addition to that world-class medical knowledge, we believe that the compassion of our physicians, nurses and other staff are key to our success. We receive countless letters of gratitude from patients and their families, a true measure of the valuable and caring service we provide.

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Children's Hospital are part of the University of California, San Francisco. The University of California at San Francisco is the only campus of UC dedicated solely to graduate and professional study in the health sciences.

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At UCSF Medical Center, we are proud of the talented, knowledgeable and dedicated employees who have helped build our tradition of excellence in health care. We are a leader in the integration of medical research and clinical treatments for the best possible care for patients. Our medical center, including our UCSF Children's Hospital, was named by US News and World Report as one of the top 10 in the country, a testament to the quality of our team, including doctors, nurses and other health professionals as well as the many others who support their work from accounting to food service to strategic planning.

"It's gratifying that UCSF Medical Center is recognized as the best hospital in Northern California and among the top hospitals in the United States," said Mark Laret, UCSF Medical Center's chief executive officer. "This rating of UCSF Medical Center is a testament to the quality of our faculty physicians, nurses and staff, who are here every hour of every day serving patients and doctors in the Bay Area, California and the West."

The ranking places UCSF Medical Center on the magazine's "honor roll" of the nation's leading hospitals, cited for "impressive quality and breadth of expertise."

We offer competitive salaries, generous benefits and a team-oriented environment in several locations. Please take a look at jobs at many of our facilities. If you’re ready and qualified, we hope you'll apply.

Still in school? Not yet qualified to apply? Volunteer!

Volunteer Services

Volunteers come to UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Children's Hospital for many reasons but most volunteer out of a desire to help others while giving back to the community.

In addition to helping others, volunteer work is a wonderful way to learn about the medical profession by becoming part of a team that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of health care. It is our hope that volunteers will derive great personal satisfaction from their experience and realize that their contribution is valued and deeply appreciated.

Interested individuals 16 years of age and older are eligible to become volunteers throughout the year.

Students who are 14 and older may participate in our Summer Student Program.

There are many interesting assignments throughout the medical center. Some require patient contact while others offer indirect or no patient contact. Each volunteer commits to a minimum four hours of service each week with a minimum assignment ranging from three to six months depending on the area.

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The University of California provides exceptional benefits in addition to the special intellectual and cultural advantages of being a member of the UC community. We offer outstanding health and welfare benefits and programs for retirement that are considered among the finest in higher education and health care. The benefits you receive depend on the number of hours worked, type of appointment and classification.

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