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Moving Forward Beyond the Covid-19 impact

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA- Dec 12, 2022 Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics show the US unemployment rate at its highest rate since the Great Depression given the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States.  Self-motivated ambitious teens are the least likely to be hired but there’s hope, says

Renée Ward, founder of Teens4Hire® and an advocate for teen employment says, “Work from home jobs are out there that teens could fill as well as online activities teens could do to earn some cash. It's time for young adults to get prepared, check out the opportunities, and go after a position of interest.”

She adds, “Teens don’t be shy about approaching companies by phone. If you can demonstrate a positive attitude and the eagerness to learn, you’ll motivate people to hire you.”

Another bit of bad news is the peaks and valleys in the stock market that may prompt older workers near or at retirement age to continue working solely for needed income and displacing teens.

As always, experience will trump inexperience. Adult teens (18-19) have an advantage over minor teens (14-17) in getting a job. That’s because older teens are perceived to be more mature, have prepped themselves better and/or already have some work experience.

In addition to the many free resources the site provides including a nationwide jobs database tailored to teens, it hosts an interview series, “My First Job”, profiling the first job stories of successful people. Teens seeking work can get tips that they can use today from these interviews.

Overall, businesses complain that teens are not prepared to work and don’t have the means or inclination to train young adults in work place fundamentals. To address this need, partners with job skills training partners to get teens that need help ready for the workplace, certified and prepared to compete for openings.

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Internships (paid and non-paid) are proliferating. Young adults can find openings in a plethora of industries from computer technology to fashion. polls show that 80% of teens 14-19 want paying jobs. Teens crave paid work-based learning experiences such as internships, co-ops and apprenticeships that make education relevant and interesting and let them explore career options. But for pay, teens are willing to work as housekeepers and gardeners too. They need the income for necessities such as school supplies, transportation, phones, clothing, college tuition, and in many cases to help support their entire family. 

Ward says, “We catch young people at the moment “they” feel they are ready to work. It is at this time that young people make critical choices that affect their transition into adulthood and shape their perceptions about the world of work. Work experience at this stage in life is critical, and people who spend a large share of their young adult years unemployed have a hard time finding and keeping a job later in life.”

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