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Most states have a police agency that has jurisdiction within the entire state.  Many times this is the largest police department in the state. In some states, it may be called the Department of Public Safety. Every state has some slight differences as to what the mission may be.  Generally all State Police agencies are asked to prevent crime and enforce the law.  They protect people and property, prevent and detect crime and other violations of law, pursue criminal investigations and arrest criminals.

In every state but Hawaii, state law enforcement agencies employ uniformed police officers and some investigators, court-related personnel, and administrators. State police officers, also known as highway patrol officers or State troopers, work in a statewide jurisdiction, citing drivers who violate state traffic laws, directing traffic at accident scenes, writing reports and determining causes of traffic accidents, and responding to individual calls and situations. State police officers also make arrests throughout the state, and provide tactical support to other police agencies, especially small communities and rural areas.

State Police patrol highways to make roads safe for all users.  Through education and enforcement they strive to reduce the deaths, injuries and property damage caused by motor vehicle accidents.

State Police agencies provide control and security in all types of natural and man-made emergencies including terrorist incidents. They provide safety and security for individuals and groups of citizens in furtherance of their rights, duties and responsibilities.  State Police agencies are usually full service law enforcement agencies. They provide a vast array of specialized units that are capable of responding to all types of calls for service.  Some of them include:

  • Aviation Units 
  • Investigative Units
  • Bomb Disposal Units
  • Forensic Units
  • Counter Terrorism Units
  • Canine Units
  • Marine Units
  • Bicycle Patrol Units
  • Specialized Winter Patrol Units
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • SCUBA Units
  • Security Details

State of Massachusetts Student Trooper Program
The American Legion, Department of Massachusetts, sponsors the “Student Trooper Program” in cooperation with the Massachusetts State Police.

The program will provide first hand experience and lifetime insight into the role of police officers in promoting and safeguarding American freedom and rights.  The program affords highly motivated young people an opportunity to consider law enforcement as a potential career choice.  Student Troopers will be placed into the police-training environment and will be required to perform as a police recruit.

Our desire is to recruit youths representing all communities and cultural backgrounds and increase their understanding of the Massachusetts State Police.  The program exposes youths to law enforcement with an opportunity to witness objectively the rigid standards and training set forth in law enforcement today.  Training takes place at the Massachusetts State Police Academy in New Braintree.  The Student Trooper program is not a summer camp.  Each day Student Troopers will attend classes on a variety of police related subjects such as Motor Vehicle Law, Investigation Techniques, Firearms, Special Tactics, K-9, Mounted Unit, Air Wing, and teenage issues like driving and alcohol use.

The program is open to male and female high school students, 15 to 17 years of age, in good academic standing.  They must be of good moral character and present a well-groomed appearance with hair neatly trimmed (males-clean shaven).  The “Student Trooper Program” is open to all, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin.


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