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Get ready for the workplace with The A Game --'s Job Readiness & Certification Partner

    Teens, face it. Companies complain that you are not “prepared”, “ready” or even truly willing to work. They say teens lack the “right” attitude, skills and work ethic which makes a company reluctant to hire a teenager especially a minor teen. So, here’s your chance to...

    Bring Your A Game to Work

    Prove to employers you are ready for the workplace!
    Beat out the competition for the job you really want!
    Have confidence and direction in your job search!
    Succeed on the job!

    We’ll show you how to bring it!


    Certification improves your “employability”! Employers prefer to hire A Game certified teens. Once you complete the program, you’re certified!

    You’ll learn the 7 fundamental workplace values that are a prerequisite
    for success in ALL careers.

    AGame CertificateCompleting A Game certification is like earning your driver’s
    license for the workplace. It’s proof that you have mastered the fundamental values that employers demand.

    Show it to prospective employers and let it help you land a job. & The A Game confirm your certificate.

    To earn a certificate, you must complete the online A Game certification program, which is based on a patented eLearning platform. The certification program takes an average of 90 minutes to complete, and you can do so at your own pace.