Search Jobs Top 10 Qualities Employers Want Most in a Teen Candidate

  1. Well groomed
    Clean, neat and ironed clothing (Tongue and nose rings are still frowned upon in many places.)
  2. Good oral and written communication skills
    Speak clearly with proper grammar (Save the slang for social occasions.)
    Write clearly with proper spelling and grammar
  3. Neat, thorough and complete application
  4. Basic math, reasoning and reading comprehension skills
    Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide
    Ability to read and understand written instructions.
  5. Ambition
  6. Courtesy
  7. Trustworthiness
  8. Self-motivation
  9. Willingness to learn
  10. Reliable

Developing and demonstrating the “soft” skills below, will also help you land a job. Today's employers want workers to have the following skills:

Organization— the ability to manage time efficiently and maintain an orderly, neat or clean work area.

Problem Solving— the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems that may arise.

Teamwork —the ability to work successfully with others and for the good of the employer.