Search Jobs's 10 Tips for Writing a Resume

1. Contact information
Put your full name at the top of the resume and provide your full address, telephone number, and email.

2. Objective
Here you want to state why you are sending your resume to this particular company.

3. Education
Name your school, grade level, GPA if you are an above average student, and names of any particular challenging classes you may have taken.

4. Employment
If you’ve been employed, list your employers here starting with the most recent. State name of employer, your job title, dates of employment and your main duties.

5. Other work experience
If you’ve worked for yourself doing odd jobs, list them here.

6. Volunteer or community service experience
If you have any non-paid experience, list it here.

7. Special talents and skills
Name any special talents or skills you’ve acquired that might be useful to an employer. Include any special projects you may have done.

8. Honors and awards
Name any specific recognition you’ve received for academic, athletic, or community service activities.

9. Extracurricular Activities
Name any clubs or associations you belong to as well as activities outside of school including your hobbies and interests.

10. References
Be prepared to name at least two people list (name, company, address, phone or email and their relationship to you) who will speak favorably about you. Make sure it's OK with them before you give out their names. You want your references to be prepared to give you the best recommendation they can – when they are contacted by a potential employer.

That’s it.

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