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Why and Where Teens Want to Work – Advice from

According to our survey (see side bar), the Top 3 places where teens would like to work are:

  1. in a retail store in sales, stocking inventory, and/or customer service. Teens like to work indoors (with air-conditioning) during the hot summer months. Commissions and store discounts help to attract them as well.
  2. in a casual-dining restaurant as a host person, wait person, or bus person. Here tips, food discounts, and a positive social atmosphere are seen as the benefits.
  3. in an office environment where a teen can use their computer and Internet skills in an administrative, clerical, data-entry, telemarketing or customer service type position.

We believe that teens skew towards the positions noted above because they perceive that these are the most readily available and the most likely to hire teens.

The majority want to earn a paycheck and say the money is a necessity rather than a luxury. They need the money for clothing, school supplies, transportation and savings for college. Others want work experience to help them prepare for the future.

Work-based learning through internships, co-ops and apprenticeships can make education relevant and interesting.

Teens crave work-based learning experiences, preferably paid, but school credit is acceptable too.

Teens want jobs that they can do year-round, as well as, during the summer months and year-end holiday season.

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