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Braille Signs, Inc.
Ruth Corum
1815 E Wilshire Ave
Santa Ana CA 92705
United States
(949) 797-1570Main Phone
(949) 244-5242Mobile Phone
Since 1992, Braille Signs, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer here in the Orange County, California for signage, as we have as secure position in a niche market segment because of our rich experience as well as high ADA expertise in public works and private sectors. Our contracts on hand total over $900,000.00 and are executing to avoid any downturn workflow.

Our specialty is in custom signs – however, our company expands well beyond the horizons of signage. The services we provide include full ADA surveys and the design, fabrication, and installation of any signs and graphics, interior or exterior. Every year we’ve taken on many projects, making us well known in architectural signage, LED signs, wall graphics, and installation services.

We have worked with many contractors from all over the southern California area with projects ranging from apartment buildings to schools and universities, and have provided the highest-quality materials with immense detail, tailored to the needs of each different project.

Our goal is to provide you with the fastest and most painless service. Send us the plans and specs for your projects and we will provide for you a price and lead time for all ADA signage, monument signs, and wall-mounted lettering within 48 hours.